If you’ve been wondering about some good ways to celebrate Valentines Day without spending money, this list of budget-friendly date ideas may help you. February 14th is the designated day for celebrating special relationships all over the world and there are numerous creative yet low-budget ideas to make your loved ones feel special.

These frugal Valentine’s Day ideas can be adopted on any other day of the year as well, like a birthday, anniversary, or even a regular date night with your spouse.

1. Write a letter/card to your partner as a cheap yet thoughtful valentine’s gift

It’s time to grab a pen and paper to write down what your partner means to you and how happy you are to know them. This love letter, which can be shared within the Valentine’s Day card, will serve as a low-budget yet memorable and thoughtful gift for your Valentine. You can share your favourite memories in the letter and talk about how you look forward to spending your lives together.

Hand written notes are a rarity these days which is what makes this an especially valuable, yet inexpensive gift to share on Valentine’s Day. When it comes to creative and cheap Valentine’s Day ideas, this one is at the top of the list because it doesn’t cost anything and has the potential to leave a lasting impact.

A really thoughtful take on this idea is to make the cards yourself because the time and effort you put into creating card adds special meaning to your Valentine’s Day gift.

2. Cook your Valentine’s Day meal together

Our second cheap yet thoughtful idea for celebrating Valentine’s Day at home is to cook a homemade meal with your partner. The time spent together gathering ingredients, cutting them up, mixing them and so on, will make your Valentine’s Day special without costing any extra money. You need not cook something exotic, but the act of cooking together, itself, is the special, yet inexpensive, Valentine’s gift.

The bonus is that you get to enjoy the food once it’s ready, and relax for the remainder of the day.

You need not limit yourself to prepare dinner on this special occasion, instead, a Valentine’s Day breakfast or lunch are equally appealing yet budget friendly ideas. If you need help coming up with the ideal recipe, the internet is your friend. Simply search the web for a food blog sharing the right recipe, or buy a book like the one below:

This is a Kindle edition, so it’s as affordable as it gets!

3. Dinner by candlelight at home on Valentine’s Day

Have you been wondering how people celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending money? The answer is ‘candles’, because candles are a cheap and magical way to spruce up your Valentine’s Day meal. In fact, you really can’t go wrong with candles when celebrating special occasions on any given day.

Simply place them around your dinner table, not too close for safety reasons, and dim the lights for that perfect ambiance as you both munch away at your dinner, be it the meal you cooked together, a regular hotdog, a plain salad or a bag of chips – because everything is specialty gourmet food if you enjoy it in candle light.

4. Go on a low-budget picnic to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Picnics are fun and when you combine them with Valentine’s Day, they become even more fun and memorable. The idea is to make it a minimalist endeavor so you can spend more time enjoying the experience, and of course, in the process, save money. Your low-budget Valentine’s Day picnic menu can be homemade sandwiches with some milk and fruits, and you may want to follow it up with a walk if the weather is particularly inviting.

If there aren’t any popular picnic spots near your house, you can simply have a picnic in your backyard or visit the closest park on Valentine’s Day.

5. Watch a romantic movie together with your Valentine

Another cheap yet special way to spend your Valentine’s Day is to stay home and watch a romantic movie together with your significant other. There are a number of classic romantic movies such as Dear John, The Notebook, When Harry Met Sally and good old Casablanca, in case you’re unable to decide. Grab a bowl of popcorn, dim the lights, put your feet up, sit back and relax as you watch these feel-good movies. There are plenty of places you can get movies from for dirt cheap rates, some of which are Vudu, PureFlix, and Turner Classic Movies,

6. Go over old photographs together to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Another creative budget-friendly idea for Valentine’s Day is to get hold of your old photo albums and go through them together with your partner, re-living old memories of wonderful experiences you shared with each other. If you’re looking for free activities to do on Valentine’s Day, this is it.

These days, physical copies of photos are rare because it’s easier to keep soft copies instead, but you can even go through your digital photos together and, without spending a single dollar, remind yourselves how special your relationship is this Valentine’s Day.

On the other hand, you could choose to put together a hardcopy photo album dedicated to your relationship with your valentine. This idea is close to heart because I recently bought an album to store photos of all the pleasant memories I’ve shared with my family. The next step is to print out the photos and preserve them in the album for decades to come, without worrying about priceless photos getting deleted or digitally corrupted. Your photo album can be a petite book, just for the two of you.

7. Go on a hike, bike ride or a long drive on Valentine’s Day

A really fun, healthy and inexpensive way to spend Valentine’s Day is to go on a hike or a bike ride, or even a long drive to enjoy the wonders of nature around you. If you want, you can combine this idea with a picnic to make the Valentine’s Day extra special yet easy on the budget. Remember, you don’t have to live in an exotic tourist destination to enjoy beauty because the most ordinary things in life are what make it beautiful, if you notice them with the right mindset. So for a cheap way to spend Valentine’s Day, connect with nature!

8. Write secret notes to each other this Valentine’s Day

Write down a handful of small notes to one another and leave them in different places around the house on Valentine’s Day. Your notes could have romantic riddles on them or cute little poems, and you can scatter them in different places where your spouse is bound to find them through the course of the day, putting a smile on their face as they discover each note. Again, this is a totally free and cheap way to spend Valentine’s Day, yet so my fun to plan and carry out.

9. Plan a scavenger hunt this Valentine’s Day

Another particularly enjoyable, creative yet cheap activity for Valentine’s Day is a scavenger hunt that you can organise using hints and notes placed around the room or house. It is an exciting activity to plan out and play, and the player will be hunting for their Valentine’s gift, which could be anything from a tasty bite-sized chocolate to a cute little poem that you penned down for them. This Valentine’s Day idea requires no money, just a bit of creative thinking and a knack for having fun.

10. Put together the perfect, frugal gift box and have it delivered to your valentine

There’s a long list of perfect presents to share with your special someone on Valentine’s Day and these don’t have to be limited to a box of chocolates or flowers, even though they have a universal appeal. The perfect gift list can be anything your valentine had been meaning to buy but couldn’t get around to doing so. Coming to the rescue and surprising them with that gift is a thoughtful way to spend Valentine’s Day because it shows you care.

Some websites that deal with special Valentine’s Day gifts are Personalization Universe and Gourmet Gift Baskets, but these companies will cost you a bit extra. If you can’t figure out what to gift them, simply get your valentine a gift card.

It’s interesting to note that most of these valentine’s Day ideas can be implemented at home, and that is exactly why they can be useful when you’re on a tight budget. If you want to save money, simply stay home.

These ideas are relevant to anyone who is interested in being romantic without spending money, because you don’t always need money to express your feelings. The most memorable, romantic and thoughtful gifts are cheap, or rather, inexpensive.

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