If you are in need of some extra money, this list of income sources is for you. We consulted numerous resources and case studies to create this selection of the top ways to earn money online – money that can be used to pay the bills, buy groceries, repay debt, increase your savings or even setup an emergency fund. Use this list to make money quickly in the form of an additional allowance or a side income.

This list is ideal for stay-at-home moms who don’t have to time to work 9-to-5 jobs nor the energy, but anyone can follow these ideas to make money on the side or even as a career.

One thing to remember is that the easier side income source do not have much monetary benefit to offer. However, the money making ideas that require time as well as intellectual investment have to potential to earn you a lot of money in the long run. Let’s have a look at some of the different ways you can make money while at home, online as well as offline.

1. Review websites to earn money from home

Websites often need testers and reviewers to ensure regular visitors have a good experience. You can sign up to testing services and earn money simply for browsing websites, going through various pages, and sharing your views about what you see.

The same job goes for app testers – users test an app downloaded onto their phones and review it to earn money, all while sitting at home or during their lunch break at work or college.

It takes between 15 to 30 minutes to review a website or app and you can earn around $10 to $15, which makes it a good way to earn money instantly. You may have to create a log to prove you have thoroughly searched for all kinds of kinks and bugs to get paid for testing the app, which means you need a good internet connection to record your research, if needed. If you carry out 10 website and app tests in a week, you can easily make up to $150 per week, or over $500 per month.

Where can I earn money testing websites and apps?

Some popular and legitimate user testing platforms that pay you to review products are User Testing, User Feel, Userlytics, Userzoom, uTest, WhatUsersDo and Validately.

2. Completing online surveys to make money

Online paid surveys are a popular way to earn money instantly. Retail companies are increasingly fond of recruiting test subjects for their new products and services, which is why they will pay you a small fee after every survey is completed, usually between $3-$5. The amount of money your make off surveys typically depends on the type of survey and your demographics, so be sure to apply to a wide range of survey sites to increase your income. Focus group surveys, product testing and medical surveys pay a lot more than conventional surveys, but they do not come by very often, so you have to mix it up a little to maximize your earnings.

Check out our complete guide to how folks make a side income filling out paid surveys. It’s not as straightforward as one may think and there is potential for fraud as well, so read up on the entire process before deciding whether this side income is for you.

How much can I earn through online paid surveys?

Your rewards for completing online paid surveys can come in the form of points, cash or even gift cards, and you have to hit a payment threshold of maybe $10 or $25 to receive your money. Most surveys pay between $2-$5 per survey and take around 10 minutes of your time. If you fill out 10 surveys in a week, on your lunch break or while you wait in line for coffee, you can make up to $50 in easy money through paid surveys.

Where can I earn money doing surveys?

Some legitimate and popular survey sites that accept a wide range of applicants are My Survey, Global Test Market Surveys, Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Daily Rewards and Pine Cone Research.

3. Earn money for using your browser to search the internet

This sounds too good to be true but it isn’t, because companies will pay you to literally search the internet, after installing their browser extensions – you just don’t get paid a lot. This is probably the easiest way to earn free money from your home because you need not put any extra effort to use search engines. In some cases, you have to be residing in certain regions of the world to earn money this way so read up on the terms and conditions on the website before applying for the programs. Remember that registration for these websites is always free.

So sit back, relax and start searching the internet, shop online (as you normally do), watch a few videos, play games and participate in a few quizzes to make money right now.

How much can I earn by surfing the internet?

Since this is a low-effort way to earn money, the amount of money you actually make by surfing the internet is also pretty low. For instance, at Bing Rewards, you can earn around $5 for doing things you normally would via your Microsoft account. Similarly, Swagbucks gives you reward points for searching the internet through their search toolbar and you can make a small allowance of between $20 to $30 per month by consistently using the service during 5 minute breaks. Here’s a detailed review of Swagbucks by a user who made around $700 using Swagbucks.

Where can I earn money by browsing the web?

Here are some popular sites that pay you to search the internet: Qmee, Bing Rewards and Swagbucks.

4. Trade some stocks online to earn money

Stock trading is not an exclusive activity anymore as countries around the world make it easier for investors to buy and sell shares online. Several online trading platforms have emerged in recent years that allow people from different countries to trade stocks online, enabling them to make money online while sitting at home. If you are unsure of your stock trading abilities, you can even polish your skills on practice trading account for free or simply copy the trades made by other people who seem to be at the top of their game.

However, there is no reward without risk and it is certainly possible that you lose money on your investments as the stock market prices dip after you have purchased the stock at a higher price. Determine your risk appetite carefully, i.e. figure out how much money you are willing to lose before trading stocks online. Start small and go slow if you do feel this is a good way for you to earn money online. Some people like to actively trade stocks in an attempt to time the market, while others prefer to buy and hold individual stocks, as well as index funds but as we discussed in another blog post, the latter is a better option.

How much can I earn by trading stocks online?

There really is no correct answer to this because the amount of money you make trading stocks online depends on the number of stocks you purchase, the price movement on those stocks and the trade commissions. The uncertainty shouldn’t stop you from trading stocks because once you make the right stock purchases, you will be earning passive income in the form of capital gains, which include dividend income as well as profits from selling the stocks when the price goes up.

Where can I earn money by investing in stocks online?

Here are some legitimate and reliable trading platforms: M1 Finance, Ally Invest, E Trade, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity.

5. Deliver food and groceries to earn money

You no longer have to be permanently employed as a delivery guy to earn money – many companies allow you to deliver food or groceries on a part time basis and and they pay money for your time and services. If you have your own mode of transportation, such as a bike or a car, you can hook up your phone to the food or grocery delivery website and you’re good to go. You simply pick up the stuff from the vendor and deliver it to the specified address for some easy money. Take orders that are on your regular route or in your vicinity for convenience.

How much can I earn by delivering food and groceries?

If you find the right circle of delivery jobs, you can make up to $15 per hour, which adds up to over $1000 extra per month pretty quickly.

Where can I earn money by delivering food and groceries?

So famous food delivery websites that pay you to deliver food for them are Shipt, DoorDash, InstaCart, Uber Eats and Post Mates.

6. Write and publish a book online to earn money for years

Anyone can write a book these days, regardless of what your academic qualifications or personal interests are, and you can easily sell your book online to make money while at home. Lots of bloggers write e-books detailing the most popular tips on their niche for their readers and they sell those books directly on their websites, sometimes as a soft copy. If you’re more interested in fiction, there is still a huge market hungry for good books. A couple of years ago, as I scanned the Amazon’s best selling books page for children’s book, I came across an interest book, which probably did not take long to write. It was titled, ‘The Book With No Pictures‘ and was simply a lot of funny sounding made up words and image the amount of money the writer made when the book was a best-selling piece of work.

These books can be easily self-published through online services, ready to be sold in bookstores, both online and offline.

How much can I earn by writing a book and publishing it online?

You will earn a royalty for every download or purchase made by consumers through these online bookstore. Some popular children’s and adult fiction books sell for $3 to $5, which means if you only sell around 1,000 copies, you can easily make $3,000 to $5,000.

Where can I earn money by writing and selling books?

Popular marketplaces for books are Amazon, Blurb Bookstore, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks and Smash Words.

Here’s a budget friendly book on self publishing books through Amazon: How To Write And Publish A Book In Only 1 Day Or Less!: The Ultimate Guide On How To Write And Publish A Non-Fiction Bestselling Book fpr $2.99.

7. Setup a website and make money through ads and selling products

Anyone with an internet connection can setup a website to earn money while at home. If writing is not your strong point, hire others to write for you, or if money is tight, you can even get around the need to write lengthy articles by selling products instead. Of course, your social media marketing game must be on point for you to drive traffic to your website. You can either put up ads on your website that point visitors to the retailer’s website (affiliate marketing), or simply sell items directly from your website.

There are plenty of website builders online that help you setup your business website within minutes, or if blogging is more your style, you will find good blogging platforms that will host your blog for free or an annual fee ranging from $50 to $100 which will allow you greater freedom in running the blog.

How much can I earn by blogging?

One thing to note here that blogging is not a quick way to earn money – it takes time and commitment to get it to the point where is earns you a regular income, but once you have reached that point, you can easily consider it passive income. Lots of bloggers make around $500 per month in their first year of blogging, after writing good quality articles that solve problems and marketing those articles all over social media. Beyond that, professional bloggers make tens of thousands of dollars a month!

Where can I earn money by blogging?

Some popular blogging platforms are WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and Wix and you can earn money through all of them.

8. Sell items directly through your social media profiles to make money

If you are a savvy social media user, you can sell items to your friends and followers for a commission. This is called affiliate marketing and bloggers have claimed to earn thousands of dollars each year through this method alone. Of course, affiliate marketing works well if you have a blog, but it is also possible to share affiliate links directly through your social media profiles, say Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, and anytime one of your friends/followers uses your link to buy the product or service, you earn money.

Some retailers do not allow you to promote their products without a blog or in certain contexts, and all this will be mentioned in the terms of the contract. On the other side of the deal are rules set by social media companies that do not permit excessive use of their platform for promoting affiliate links and doing so can get your account terminated. The key is to promote products in as natural a manner as possible, without making it look like you want the money, and instead, attempting to provide something useful to members of your social circle.

How much can I earn by selling things online through social media?

You can sign up to affiliate networks that connect you to thousands of brands looking for your help in selling their products and services. Each time you earn money through an affiliate sale, the income will show up in your affiliate network’s account, which makes it easier to track your income and saves you from fraud as well. Depending on your social media following and the nature of product you sell through your profiles, you can make anywhere from $100 to $1,000 per month.

Which affiliate networks can I join to earn money by selling things via social media?

Some popular affiliate networks are Flex Offers, Awin, ShareAsale, and Amazon.

9. Become a freelance writer / worker to earn money online

If you find yourself thinking how you can make a proper living online, this method is for you. Use your skills to make a living through different freelancing networks that are looking for people all over the world to write articles, do a bit of coding, proofread texts, research different topics online, type out audio clips, translate texts, carry out social media marketing for specific accounts, become digital assistants and the list goes on. The gig economy is great for everyone with a bit of skill and spare time, allowing you to earn a decent side income. You can browse through hundred of job opportunities, or gigs (as they are often labelled) and complete various tasks to earn money quickly, without ever leaving your home.

How much can I earn by freelancing online?

Some micro-working platforms allow you to set your hourly fee (I’ve seen the rates go up to $80 per hour for article writers), while others have a standard $5 per hour charge, like Fiverr. Some of these freelancing websites display the amount of money freelancers have earned so far and the figures are pretty impressive. I remember there was a lady in South Asia who offered a $5 gig of promoting pins on her social media and she had made over $10,000 in one year. Not bad for the amount of work done.

Where can I earn money by freelancing?

Some legitimate freelance networks that allow you to make money by working online are UpWork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Elance.

10. Become an online tutor and earn a decent wage

If English is your first language or you have good command over it, you can sign up to tutoring websites and use their platform to teach children how to read, write and speak English, All lessons are carried out online so you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to earn money this way, and earn a sizable side income if you get enough clients during the month or year. If you have wondered how you can make a living online, and how you can make money fast, this is definitely a good option if English is your strong point. Luckily, the tutoring business goes beyond the scope of English language lessons – you can even become an online private tutor in other subjects.

How much can I earn by freelancing online?

According to JobMonkey.com, online tutors earn around $10 per hour on average but I’ve seen these rates go up to $20 per hour as well, even for English classes. Teaching one client 2 hours a day for 5 days will easily get you close to $1,000 per month in easy money.

Where can I earn money by tutoring students online?

Some legitimate online tutor platforms are Gumtree, Superprof or Mytutor, Study Gate and Chegg.

11. Earn money by playing games and testing game apps

This might be everyone’s dream job – to earn lots of money playing video games, enough money to call it a comfortable living – and the good news is, it is certainly possible to make money as a professional gamer. You can live stream your game-play, participate in tournaments or create online tutorials for popular games on your channel or website. As you build your audience, you can monetize it through ads or sponsorship deals. The only catch is, you have to be at the top of your game (pun intended) to get noticed and build your subscriber base. It takes times but it is certainly possible if gaming is your strong point.

What if you’re not great at playing video games but enjoy them enough to keep asking, ‘Can I still make money by playing video games?’ The answer is yes – an alternative way to earn money is by playing new video games in order to test them. You can become a mobile game tester and earn money as you review the game as you play it. The money you earn will not be enough to make a decent income but it is still an easy way to earn, considering that all you have to do is download a game app, play it on your phone and share your assessment. A popular scam to be aware of is the Egg Game – contrary to their claims, you cannot earn money by playing the Egg Game.

How much can I earn by playing games?

When it comes to earning money by playing games professionally, you can draw inspiration from professional gamers who earn tens of thousands of dollars during each tournament, or during each month as they live stream their game play over YouTube and earn ad revenue. PewDiePie is an excellent case in point. However, if you’re more into game testing, most tests will get you around $10 per game if the level of analysis is quick and basis. For more experienced testers who need to find every possible glitch or bug in the game, the earning rate can go up to $100 per hour.

Where can I earn money by testing games?

Some popular game testing websites are iGameLab, BetaFamily.

12. Use cashback websites to make some extra money when you shop online

Much like cashback credit cards, cashback sites return a portion of the money you spent to buy stuff online. In some ways, this is more a way to save rather than a way to earn if you consider the cashback a discount, but at the end of the day, it results in extra money in your account. The way cashback sites work is simple – you purchase an item through your favorite retailer, using a link or app provided by the cashback website, after which the retailer will ship your product over to you and the cashback website give you back a percentage of the price you paid, be it 1% or 10%.

There’s no limit to what items you purchase through cashback sites, while connect you to everything from groceries to technology. One thing to be aware of is the amount of time it takes for the retailer to hand over the money to the cashback site, because it can take a few months for the transaction to go through, and for the extra money to arrive in your account.

How much can I earn by using cashback websites?

The amount of money you can make using cashback credit cards and websites is simply a percentage of what you spend, so if you purchase $40 worth of petrol or diesel, a 5% cashback rate will get you $2. Now that doesn’t sound like much but it’s basically free money and if you use that particular cashback credit card or cashback website for every single purchase, you can make a small side income without any effort.

Where can I earn money through cashback websites?

Some legitimate cashback websites are Swagbucks, Ebates, Ibotta, TopCashBack and Quidco.

13. Create an online course to make money every time somebody enrolls

This is similar to the tutoring income hack where you essentially leverage your command over a subject and teach others online. You can create a course on anything that you have extensive knowledge of and sell it online, either through your own blog or through online learning websites. You will get a commission on every sale so the more popular your topic is, the more chances people will want to enroll.

How much can I earn by selling courses online?

The amount of money you can make by selling courses depends on a lot of things, such as the relevance of your course, your marketing efforts, the cost structure of the website you use to teach the course, size of your audience and so on. It’s not easy work, at all, but for reference sake, an average course on Pinterest or spreadsheets on Udemy ranges between $10 and $100. If you get a lot of people to sign up for your course after creating it, you simply need to sit back and see the money grow as people download your videos and other educational material week after week.

Where can I earn money by selling courses online?

Legitimate websites that offer online courses are Udemy, Thinkific, Teachable and SkillShare.

14. Sell your old stuff online to make money

We all have old things lying around the house that we haven’t used in a while, or new things that you do not want yet cannot return to the retailer for some reason. These second hand items can be conveniently sold online after a bit of touching up and refurbishing, to make extra money. You can sell anything from old stationary items to bedding items, and even your phones via online marketplaces. We’ve written a short guide to help maximize your chances of getting a good price for your things online, such as using the right keywords in the description and taking good quality photos.

How much can I earn by selling things online?

Professional flee market flippers who buy random things are low prices at flee markets and after renovating them, sell them at a significant profit, earn thousands of dollars each year – enough to make a solid primary income. However, if this is something you wish to do on the side, by simply getting rid of old things lying around the house, your income figures will be much lower. As an example, a friend of mine decided to clean out and de-clutter his garage one day and made a tidy $2,000 by selling things he didn’t want on eBay.

Where can I earn money by selling my things online?

Here are legit online marketplaces to help you sell your old stuff Amazon, eBay and Craigslist.

15. Sell your stock photos to make money

You can earn money off your photography skills, even as a novice photographer who takes photos for fun. There is a constant need for fresh photos depicting different situations that can be used in marketing materials or books or even postcards, and rather than hire photographers to take such photos, people prefer to buy images from stock photography websites because it is convenient and less expensive. As a photographer, this is good news for you because you have access to tons of buyers who get to see your work by searching these photography websites. You get a small commission for every photograph sold through these websites, and the money quickly ads up if you invest enough time and creativity in the process.

How much can I earn by selling stock photos online?

If you submit your photos to a paid or membership-based stock photography website, you usually earn a commission for every sale, and I’ve seen some basic looking photos being sold for $12, while the ones at the top of the cream have much higher prices. There are also some free stock photography websites which do not pay you a commission for every download but users can donate or sponsor you through the “Buy me coffee” button, which gives you a $5 bonus.

Where can I earn money by selling my stock photography?

Popular stock photography websites are StockPhotos, Pixabay, Pexels, ShutterStock, Fotolia and Getty Images.

There are dozens of more ways to make money without leaving your doorstep, but these are our top ideas. If you’re looking for a sizable long-term income, blogging, social media advertising and writing a book are good choice for making money because their earning potential is high, but so is the amount of effort you put it. At the end of the day, the amount of money you earn online is directly linked to the effort you make, but once you get the ball rolling, it’s easy passive income.

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