Money Hacks and Tips

How to lower credit card bill and interest rate on debt, personal finance debt, debt repayment,

Reduce the growth of your credit card debt by asking for a reduction in the interest rate.

Many credit card companies will oblige your request for a lower interest rate on your card if you simply ask. A bargain can also be negotiated if you point out you’ve been a loyal customer and paid your credit card bills on time. The credit card company may offer you a cut on your interest rate as a reward.

How to budget, how buy expensive things, calculate true price, how to control impulsive buying

Is the new phone worth 70 hours of your life?

When you determine the price of something new based on the numbers of hours you worked to earn the equivalent amount of money, instead of the retail price, you can’t understand the true cost of a purchase. This approach puts the purchase into perspective, such helps control impulsive buying and keeps your budget easy to stick to.


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