Today’s personal finance hack is about instilling the importance of charity within children.

No matter which economic background we come from, we should make efforts to help those in need or those who are less fortunate than us. There will always be some level of inequality as long as mankind exists and philanthropy is something that is impossible to overrate.

Like other forms of financial discipline, charity is something that can be taught to children at a young age. After all, there’s a good reason they say, “Charity begins at home”. It can be very

1. A culture of giving in your home

As parents, we can create a culture of giving at our homes. An environment that encourages helping others will teach children the importance of ‘giving’, whether it involves giving toys to siblings to play with or giving toys to the destitute. Every little contribution and effort must be appreciated by parents so children can see how enjoyable giving is.

2. Set good examples of charity for children to copy

Parents can ensure each time they donate things or money to charity, their children come along. Explain to your kids how the donated items will impact/help others so they understand why it is necessary. Children naturally emulate their parents and this habit will pass on to your kids.

3. Volunteer work by parents can teach kids to follow suit

Encourage every family member to participate in volunteer activities . teaching our children about charity is rewarding for both,parents and children. giving and helping others,gives kids, a feeling of empowerment .By the time they turn three or four ,they acquire ideas, feeling and emotions of their’s good for them to see their parents and siblings , enjoying donating and volunteering to help other under privileged. there are plenty of volunteering ideas for kids eg setting up a charity box,donating old toys,surplus school supplies, clothing etc to needy children.
encourage your kids to donate toys, they have outgrown. explain to them that there are plenty of children who don’t have toys to play with. help them choosing the appropriate items, toys,extra stationeries, books, clothes etc.take them with you when you drop the items off. buy some extra cookies, snakes or goodies or cooked meal, to hungry people in need. involve your kids in making a charity jar and ask them to share some of their allowance too. make it a family activity by putting coins ,till its full. donate money to various charitable activities along with them.

Teach your children that donating their time can be just as good and powerfull as donating things and money. teach them to help elderly and neighbours in cleaning their gardens, washing their cars or planting flowers or just reading a story to grandparents.