Today’s personal finance hack is about saving money over Easter holidays.

Easter is a popular holiday observed across the world. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day (Sunday) after his crucifixion (Friday). These days, Easter is celebrated with a sweet tooth, where families share the joy of different types of sweets, candies, easter eggs and candles. Interestingly, these candles represent light after darkness, while the Easter egg and the Easter bunny is a symbol of fertility or new life.

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As with most other annual holidays, Easter can put a strain on your budget because of all the extra spending on new clothes, gifts, sweets and parties. We have put together some ideas and tips to help you spend easter in a frugal and budget-friendly manner.

1- Pre-purchase Easter gifts to avoid holiday price-hikes

Make a gift closet or choose a place in your home where you can store gifts for future occasions like easter, christmas, birthdays or any other special events. You can scout your favorite shops all year round, looking for good deals, discounts and sales so you end up buying the perfect presents that not only keep your relatives happy, but also your wallet healthy. Let’s not forget the time-saving aspect of this tip. You no longer have to set aside time for a gift-buying spree one week before Easter!

2- Use coupons for your Easter shopping to save money

Coupons are an easy way to save money on shopping. Gather coupons all year round and use them to purchase your Easter presents, food, candies or other goodies ahead of time, when possible. Of course, one must remember to use these coupons before the expiration date, otherwise the hard work may not pay off.

Remember to buy non-perishable Easter decorations during post-holiday sales and safely store them for next year. Decorative eggs, nests and Easter bunnies or rabbits, for instance, are things that can be purchased at great discounts right after the Easter holiday because retailers try to sell off leftover stock.

3- Re-use old Easter decorations to cut your spending

Instead of buying new party decorations for Easter festivities, consider using last years grass, eggs, nests, bunnies, rabbits and Easter baskets. The condition of these old items may warrant a bit of repair work but it may well be worth the money saved. Rearrange your decorations year after year so the overall Easter setup looks new and original each time.

4- Make your own frugal Easter decorations at home

You need not buy all your Easter decorations this year. You can simply improvise and make them at home.

  • If you have access to a paper shredder, shred some green paper to create grass for your Easter baskets.
  • Children love colouring and painting so get them to decorate this year’s Easter eggs. Hard boiled eggs are super cheap and easy to handle while kids cover them with paint, color pencils, crayons, stickers and glitter.
  • Redecorate old baskets with new ribbons and frills.

This activity encourages bonding within the family and teaches kids the importance of frugality and other smart money habits at a young age.

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5- Frugal Easter gifts

It’s not necessary to buy huge Easter presents to place within easter baskets or to hand over to your kids otherwise. Gifts are a delight to receive even when they are small and bought from the dollar store. If you’re out of ideas, then go ahead and buy something that your children will need to use in their ordinary course of life during the coming months. Examples include summer or spring clothing, school stationery, story books, a hat or cap, paint box, crayons, sun glasses, movie tickets, everyday-use beauty products, etc. A gift with a high utility value may be cherished more.

6- Saving money on meals during Easter holidays

Keeping your dinner plans simple will also keep your grocery budget in control. If you still want a table full of delicious food, consider throwing a potluck party, where every family brings their own dish. This will save your money and time and also give everyone a chance to participate.

What other ways can you think of?

Happy Easter!!