4 Ways to Save Money With Price Comparison Tools

Today’s money tip is about the benefits and features of price comparison apps that help you shop online.

Our last article talked about how price comparison apps can save you money and time when you are making a purchase online. Today we look at some of the additional features offered by these services and how they help you make informed buying decisions when browsing online marketplaces.

While most prices comparison sites and apps offer basic features, like notifying you about better deals within the online marketplace that you happen to visit, some of them go a step ahead and scan competing online marketplaces to get you the lowest price or best discounts across a number of online retailers.

Price comparison website features, save money, benefits of price comparison apps

A few price comparison websites delve deeper and offer the following convenient features for saving money online:

  • Price alerts to notify you when the price for a certain item have hit (or dropped below) the desired price threshold, allowing you to reach your savings target,
  • Comparisons between prices of new and used products to help you determine which purchase will save the most money,
  • Historical prices to help you determine whether a pattern exists, allowing you to buy your product at the best possible time (and price).
  • Notification of the latest discounts, deals and coupons from around the web so you have a number of avenues to explore when trying to save money.

It’s easy to see that price comparison sites help you save money in more than one way and most of these services are totally free so you have nothing to lose at the end of the day. Of course, make sure the app you download or the service you sign up for is reputable because protecting your privacy is your first priority! Plus, some of these price comparison sites do not share live data, or price statistics in ‘real time’ so as always, use your judgement to make the best purchase decision when shopping on the internet.

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2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Save Money With Price Comparison Tools

  1. Probably the most interesting price comparison I did that worked out in my favor was with a GMAT study book. I couldn’t believe it but it was actually $10 cheaper at Barnes and Noble compared to Amazon (even with free shipping on Amazon)! Just goes to show that price comparison shopping is a good thing to do.

    1. I always thought Barnes and Noble sold items at a slightly higher price because they don’t have the economies of scale advantage that Amazon does… not at the same scale, anyway. And $10 is a pretty big amount to save on a book. Thanks for sharing.

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