Today’s personal finance tip is a motivational quote about staying determined in the face of adversity.

Before we look into various ways to make money in an effort to improve your financial situation, we thought about sharing with you some good advice that will help us all get in the right frame of mind when faced with personal finance problems, or problems in any other sphere of life.

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Behind every successful person there’s a lot of unsuccessful years’ – Bob Brown

Bob Brown is a former politician from Australia who successfully campaigned in the area of environmental conservation and won several awards in recognition of his achievements. Over the years, he was met with numerous obstacles and setbacks, but obviously, they did not deter him. The same philosophy can be applied to financial goals.

This is something I have heard plenty of entrepreneurs say over the years – giving up is not an option. If you have an idea or a dream you wish to pursue (for example, financial independence by a certain age, or being able to earn enough money so you can stop worrying about it) you must pursue your dream, even if adversity looks you straight in the face and people around you oppose you, or withdraw their support.

If you fail, you can glean precious lessons from the failure. Get back on your feet and try again. Perhaps you will now change your approach a bit, or slightly alter your goals, or perhaps you will simply try harder. Whatever you choose to do, the worst thing possible is to simply give up.

If you believe in yourself and your dream, keep struggling and stay determined until you finally crack the code.

You will succeed one day.